A 62-year-old man and a 59-year-old woman was hit Thursday evening October 27 at the Bredaseweg in Tilburg. The man and the woman deceased on the spot, the culprit is ridden and the police was hard to find the driver. Meanwhile, two brothers of 20 and 23 held in Tilburg.


Police have arrested 20-year-old owner of the car, he told me he had not driven the car at the time of the accident. After the police had made a call that the driver would report, the 23-year-old brother of the owner came to the police station and told that he had driven the car.

"We feel that the car just before the accident overtook a bus," said police spokesman Eric Passchler to Omroep Brabant. Supposedly there was no booze in the game. It should not be done technical studies and it is clear how hard the car drove. the brothers heard Friday. "They have a right to rest, Friday we talk extensively with them," the spokesman said Thursday night.

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The trial against Geert Wilders Monday following the ruling of the court after his less Marokkanen' expressions.


The PVV leader will in any case not in court to hear the verdict. Because, he says: ,, About political views should be discussed in Parliament and not in court. "

"Next Monday begins the trial against freedom of expression", as Wilders opens his letter to the Algemeen Dagblad . "For a politician who says what does not want to hear the politically correct elite. It is a travesty that I have to stand trial because I have talked about less Moroccans. It is my right and my duty as a politician to talk about problems in our country. "


In his account he states among other things that there are double standards and that some colleagues have made similar statements. "Prime Minister Rutte said that Turks should oppleuren. Labour leader Samsom said that Moroccan youth have a monopoly on ethnic nuisance. Labour Party chairman Spekman said Moroccans should be humiliated. PvdA alderman Oudkerk even talked about kutmarokkanen. They may say it all and not be prosecuted. Rightly. But I want it or shut up in court? "

What the judge's ruling Monday will be, Wilders will not temper his message. "I do not let me be silenced by anyone. Not by Muslim terrorists who threaten me for twelve years. Not by political opponents who condemn me. Nor by the public prosecutor or the judiciary. I will share my opinion - continue to give always, what the consequences are also "- on behalf of millions of Dutch.


"This process is a political process. I refuse to cooperate. The legal side of things I entrust to Mr. Knoops, the best lawyer in the Netherlands. He will defend my case next Monday and all session days. I wish him every success. And I'm going to work. For my constituents and for the Netherlands, "concludes Wilders.

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New research should determine whether former police chief Gerard Bouman has dirty hands in geldsmijtrel around the central council among the police. Insiders say that this newspaper. Bouman possible the CWC fêteerde so decide by pressing.


The current chief of the National Police, Erik pole, next week will present the results of an exploratory study spree by the COR. This shows that there are "significant irregularities" were discovered in the expenditure of the council.

Also, there was a structural lack of control. COR-chairman Frank Giltay sold under more suits on behalf of the police. He also made a jaunt to Curaçao and he organized a dinner at the expensive Amstel Hotel. A large part of the expenditure is 'inefficient'.

Further research
The strong expectation is that pole announces that there will be one or more follow-up studies. That further research is about the circumstances under which Giltay - virtually unlimited - could wave his police card. The new research is a central role for former chief constable Bouman. The March stepped up police boss was responsible for the expenses of the CWC and approved the well.

He also gave the council with a disproportionate budget of 1.6 million euros per year. In police circles suggests that Bouman the CWC with the mega-budget 'bribed' so tough decision press. His unpopular decisions taken during the reorganization of the National Police, which could be put through the adoption of the COR. Some of those decisions would by Bouman and Giltay during dinners are settled.

The current Chief Constable pole did earlier this month declaration against Giltay for forgery, fraud and embezzlement. The former chairman of the CWC is charged that he threw money in times of major cuts to the police. Gerard Bouman was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Old-COR chairman Giltay not declare dinners at restaurants in his hometown of Almere. He also did business with a fellow entrepreneur and were made questionable cash shots with his police card. In addition to a criminal investigation there is a disciplinary investigation against Giltay and his secretary.

The lawyer says Giltay still have not heard anything about the investigations. ,, We have media must learn that pole has reported "Within the police the call will be stronger for the entire COR -. More than 30 members -. Also, replace pole would want, so that we can with a clean slate started. ,, rightly or not, 65,000 police officers see all COR members as grabbers, "says an insider.

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ALMELO - Five men from Enschede on Thursday sentenced to jail for four years for throwing Molotov cocktails at a mosque in Enschede. That determined the court in Almelo Thursday

Judge: "This was a terrorist act '


The judge ruled that the men had "terrorist intent". They wanted to force the municipality of Enschede and the Muslim community terrifying to ensure that no asylum center would be in that city. At the time of the attack were in Enschede fierce protests against the arrival of an asylum seekers' center.

The five men (between 24 and 36 years) in February this year threw two Molotov cocktails against a wall of the mosque. Which bounced off, so the damage was limited to a scorched lawn. Since, however, at that time in prayer house were about 30 people, including many children, Justice tilt heavily to the cause. Some attendees extinguished the flaming Molotov cocktails. Several witnesses saw the men.

The punishment is one year probation in the case of four men. For the fifth man, the only one to blame is known and has expressed regret, there is a conditional part of two years.The penalties are consistent with the requirements of the Public Prosecutor. Three of the convicts have already announced that they will appeal.

National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) Dick Schoof responds to the discretion of the judge: ,, The statement shows that politically motivated violence will not be tolerated in the Netherlands. Regardless of the ideological motivation. '

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More and more young people with alcohol poisoning recorded in the emergency department. In the age to eighteen years there has even been a doubling since 2006. According to figures from the organization SecurityNL


Ten years ago there were 800 young comazuipers under eighteen years old to the hospital.In 2015, that number is already twice: in 1600 young people who need urgent medical attention after ingesting alcohol. The number of accidents is increasing by alcohol.

According SecurityNL is the risk with alcohol poisoning to be the greatest in the age group of 18-24, followed by the age group 10-17 years. Excessive alcohol consumption is not only alcohol poisoning as a result. Last year, more than fifteen thousand people were treated following an accident or violence involving alcohol. Ten years ago this was not ten thousand times.

The abuse of alcohol is also a cost. In 2015, the total social costs of alcohol poisoning almost 24 million euros. Accidents under the influence of alcohol were estimated to account for € 47 million in direct medical costs and € 76 million in absenteeism costs.

Earlier it was announced that young people are increasingly imbibe or look for other opportunities to sneak to drink alcohol, as parents strengthen supervision on alcohol. In 2014 it was decided to postpone the age for alcohol consumption from 16 to 18 years.

VeiligheidNL is an independent non-profit foundation. In the Injury Information System (LIS) of VeiligheidNL are victims of an accident, violence or in connection with self-inflicted injuries are treated in a section of selected hospitals in the Netherlands.

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A special police team consisting of officers and municipal enforcement officers will sweep the center of Amsterdam.


The team is freed to exclusively focus on pickpockets, nepdopedealers and nuisance tourists roaming the Red Light District.

Writes Van der Laan, Mayor of the City Council. The new team will be formed shortly and will keep running from the police station Nieuwmarkt. The decision follows several alarm signals from the police, the Ombudsman and downtown residents who warned that the government risked losing the control in the crowded center.

During a round of enforcement in recent weeks the police had already announced it had arrested a total of 293 people. Several dozen of these little criminals, dealers and thieves had an exclusion for the Red Light District. The new police team should ensure that these types permanently disappear. "Residents and business owners should therefore immediately notice in the city that public space is reconquered by pickpockets, nepdopedealers and extreme nuisance by tourists," says Van der Laan.

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Johan Derksen in this section by Decks Inside Football first responded to the letter Sylvana wrote to him. She called the TV analyst racist and sexist, after saying Monday's broadcast of the football talk show that she "proud as a monkey" is now Zwarte Piet disappears at RTL. Derksen needs to make an anti-racism course according to her. ,, If I may as Black Peter, I want it, "he responds.


Presenter Wilfred Genee can not avoid to discuss the topic Sylvana Simons in the category which he makes with Derksen for the app Football Inside. ,, We make live TV, but we prepare for anything, "the mustachioed analyst explains. ,, The issues that come along, all come unexpected. I do have two proverbs mixed up and then stands over the Netherlands on fire. That say, than Mrs. Simons goes straight into the victim. "

Derksen said that he has heard in the corridors that there would be a trial. ,, Well I wait it out. "Genee then confronts him with the statement of Simon that he should follow an anti-racism training. ,, If I as Zwarte Piet should I want to do that, and wipe important person, I'm not going," counters the former editor of Voetbal International.

His apology does not offer Derksen, he says. ,, No, I'm here, do not grovel, because Sylvana wants the victim that she wants to make politics again advantage of the situation.The people of THINK love it. Then they can make a fuss again, and I am not good actually. I have actually no time kept working on it and there is also not easy at all. "

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The 21-year-old Jade Belt may be sued by the authorities in Australia for causing a car accident with two fatalities.

Student hangs hefty prison overhead after fatal accident in Australia


The woman, from New Church aan den IJssel, is still in hospital after heavy accident, which took place Saturday in Pardoo , in the northwest of the country. Jade was behind the wheel when the car hit to cause slurred over. Two companions, a 20-year-old Dutch woman and a 24-year-old German man the accident did not survive. A friend was seriously injured.

Although, according to Foreign Affairs is still no official charge, causing a fatal accident in Australia is considered a misdemeanor. If the woman actually convicted, then hangs her imprisonment decade overhead.

Because the cost of a lawyer in Australia are sky high, parents and friends of Jade is afundraiser started. The process could potentially cost between 100,000 and 150,000 euros.

The Jade father has since traveled to Australia to support his daughter. The woman is devastated by the events, but makes for good conditions.

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In the Netherlands too few autopsies place.


Doctors sometimes rely too much on their own assumptions about a person's death. That says pathologist Judith Fronczek, which promoted Thursday on the topic at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

By other modern techniques Lim also the erroneous idea that an autopsy is often unnecessary. These modern techniques prove its view, however, not always sufficient to determine causes of death. And the data from autopsies we can just additional learning for the future.

Also for the family, it may be important, for example, if there is an inherited disorder is found to be in the game. Further, an autopsy may be significant for relatives of people with an unclear cause of death, for example, to rule out suicide.

Fronczek calls for more money for autopsies.

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The Public Prosecution blunders with registering people with a medical profession that are convicted of a sex crime.


It was agreed that the Public Prosecutor (OM), the Healthcare Inspectorate gives a signal when it appears that for example, a nurse or a mental health physician in private about the writing has gone and been convicted of a sex offense. This data is intended to prevent sexual abuse in residential institutions.

From a letter of Ministers Schippers (Health) and Van der Steur (Justice) shows that the PPS this did not fix. "The prosecution does not register what profession exerts a suspect," she informed the House.

The Prosecution informed since the summer of 2015, the Inspectorate only once a conviction. But that was because the case officer was so careful to note the action of the sex offender and about to pull the bell.

CDA MP Bruins Slot is appalled. "It's really a shame that this is so. There should be a closed system, so these people can no longer slip through the cracks of the system. "

PVV MP Klever will find the process "bizarre" and PvdA Bouwmeester calls the 'vulnerable'.

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