Holland Casino goes away from Schiphol

Gepubliceerd op 22 september 2016 om 08:32

After more than twenty years disappears from Holland Casino Schiphol Airport. The staatsgok company closes next year are small establishment at the airport and at the same time opens a new, much larger location in Amsterdam-West. That made Holland Casino announced today.

Naamloos-3343.pngThe casino at Schiphol suffered loss for quite some time. Holland Casino has for his second gambling house in the capital chosen for ' Ven ', the former headquarters of KPN near station Amsterdam Sloterdijk, right on the ring road A10.

Ven is a large complex offering, in addition to a casino, a hotel, restaurants, bars, a gym and spacious parking facilities.

New staff the new casino, just like that in the Centre of Amsterdam, a full range of games and should appeal to both current and a new target group. By the move has Holland Casino is new staff.

In the casino at Schiphol were not working so many people. In the end there in Amsterdam West will soon place for about 280 employees.

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