12 incidents in reception Wassenaar

Gepubliceerd op 4 oktober 2016 om 14:08

In the reception center of the COA in Wassenaar Duinrell to have occurred in a total of 12 incidents in the first months of this year. Which according to data from the COA.


At 5 reports it comes to physical aggression such as kicking or hitting. There have been three reports of verbal aggression. And the house rules have been violated in two cases. COA cites examples like not cleaning their room, taping the fire alarm, or causing noise pollution.

In shelters in Wassenaar there have been two self-destructive actions that refugees themselves have been damaged.

The survey only included sites that were collected over 20 refugees at some point in 2015. In the holiday in Wassenaar were on average 489 refugees.

By Editors AD: Photo: Reuters

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