Wiebe: departure tax regime rattled on all sides

Gepubliceerd op 4 oktober 2016 om 16:33

It rattled on all sides by the voluntary redundancy scheme of the tax authorities. The decision on the scheme was too hastily and carelessly. That says Eric Wiebes Secretary (Finance) in a letter to parliament.


Many more interested people have signed up for departure than expected. The scheme was designed to about 5,000 personnel to leave by themselves . On 1 September 7820 were of 30,000 employees signed up for a conversation about it. Therefore, the acceptance period had previously closed are.

Moreover reported employees whose work does not disappear themselves, while those who do will be deleted wanted the job. It was even feared deflation in certain departments. ,, I told the tax authorities: if you control in this way for everyone opens up, some may not depart from your intended people, '' said Albert Smisek, President of the NCF, already in april .

The cost of the scheme in connection with a restructuring were initially estimated at 648 million euros.

incorrect assumptions
The estimates were based on false assumptions, said Wiebe now. ,, This kind of decision is unacceptable and must not happen again. "" A culture existed at the Tax matters which first entered into the treasury, ,, to keep close to himself, '' Wiebe observes. Other parties involved are therefore sometimes not or only afterwards involved in the decision.

To avoid mistakes in the future, action taken, said the State Secretary. Thus, strengthened internal control in the tax authorities. The closed culture must change within the service.

The scheme will cover a period of five to seven years. The Tax and needed to be 5,000 less jobs, but also takes back 1,500 new employees with knowledge of modern techniques.

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