Italy up to 10,000 migrants from the sea in two days

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For the Libyan coast are more than 10,000 refugees in two days picked up from the sea. It is there and smugglers take advantage of calm weather.

Naamloos-3524.pngCertainly fifty refugees did not survive the crossing.The Italian coast guard this morning announced the figures yesterday. There were 33 one day rescue operations off the Libyan coast, with 4655 migrants from overcrowded boats or were removed from the water.

They were mostly small (rubber) boats, but there was also a larger ship at. There are 28 bodies were recovered. Their nationality is not known.

On the operations not only did the Italian coast guard and navy with, but also the Irish navy, the EU border agency Frontex and various aid organizations.

In June, said Frontex driver when picking up refugees from the sea has a magnetic effect. Traffickers can confidently old refugee boats to sea control, because most of them still be rescued.

The crossing from Libya to Italy is called the Central Mediterranean route refugees. This year so far, certainly 142,000 refugees successfully taken route to reach Europe. About 3,100 others did not survive the crossing.

It seems that the central Mediterranean route this year is busier than last year. In the whole of 2015 were 154,000 refugees from Libya to Italy, in 2014 it was a record number of 170,000. In previous years there were always a few thousand to tens of thousands.

The  NOS Editors: Photo: AFP

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