"Two terrorists were November 13 on the way to the airport '

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Two Muslim terrorists on the day of the attacks in Paris last November from Brussels to Schiphol traveled to assassinate the French newspaper Le Monde reported. Why the attack did not take place remains unclear.


Earlier, CNN reported all that IS had plans to commit on November 13 in many more places than Paris attacks and that Schiphol was a target. The French prosecutor now has more information extracted from the laptop found by one of the terrorists.

The laptop has been found in the Brussels district of Schaerbeek, says NOS reporter Henrik-Willem Hofs. "Since the laptop was in a garbage can. There was also quite a bit. Wills, targets, manuals for making explosives and five folders referring to different groups had to carry out attacks."

So was the computer a folder '13 of November 'named and which consisted of five parts, one entitled' Schiphol wore. The other names were referring to the attacks in Paris at Le Bataclan, the Stade de France and had terraces and one titled "Underground".

The French prosecutor stepped Soefien A. and Osama K. on November 13 in Brussels with false papers on a Eurolines bus to the Netherlands. The men, who had bought a ticket for a single journey, are traveled back the same day empty-handed to Brussels; why is not clear and it is not clear whether they have been in Amsterdam.

Soefien A. was on March 18 arrested in Molenbeek. Osama K. was arrested on April 8 in Anderlecht, along with Mohamed Abrini, the man with the hat on March 22 at the Brussels Zaventem airport would carry out an attack. He was seen on surveillance cameras, along with the brothers El Bakraoui, who blew up himself.

known story

The Dutch OM is to say, only that it is a well-known story and that it is up to now not led to research in the Netherlands. There have probably been no concrete evidence that threatened an attack at the airport, said the Court.

"In addition, the information is also not very hard. Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam are not uncommon in terror investigations for. For example, as a meeting place, as people in transit or because someone passes the customs. The airport is obviously a potential target."

Since this summer, there is extra security at the airport.

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