This is wrong in nursing homes

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Nursing home residents are generally satisfied with life in the verleegtehuizen.


But solitude and wait for example, the toilet is also found in the homes. About one in five residents complaining of a shortage of staff, according to a large study of patients Federation Netherlands.

Who interviewed more than 11 thousand inhabitants, and analyzed data on Care Card Netherlands, where everyone has his or her opinion may leave a home. The average figure comes from a 7.85 - spacious enough so. The homes that are doing very well, are especially appreciated for the great room and the food, but above all the attention that the staff gives to the elderly.

"The employees I give up every morning a kiss, as well they take care of me," said a resident in one of the interviews. "If you need them, they are there immediately. And I was with them very well to talk about the death of my husband. "

Attention of the staff proved crucial - it is the biggest complaint verzoringstehuizen that are not properly assessed. More than one in five residents complained about understaffing. "There is little personal attention. That's why I sit alone in my room, "says one of the interviewees. "I sometimes forget to go somewhere, but I'm also not picked up." The staff has understaffing Moreover, no time to chat.

Staff shortages may also lead to poorer care. A common complaint is that residents have long waiting to be helped to go to the toilet. Too often trainees or other temporary staff on to do jobs that actually experienced staff to happen.

A grandchild tells about her grandmother, who will be on an emergency department because of a broken bone. "The heating was 2.5 weeks nowhere. Often she lay in her own feces, which I tidied. I washed her and fed her. After 3 weeks came grandmother malnourished, dehydrated and with a neglected cystitis and 1 liter of urine in the emergency department. "

Patients Federation recommends the verzoringstehuizen to look through the eyes of their inhabitants, and as little as possible to work with temporary staff. "The residents need constancy and familiar faces. Moreover, a highly variable workforce increases the risk of miscommunication. In the valuations we see that residents by misunderstandings have no medicines. Or the wrong medication. Or be approached in a way that does not suit them. "

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