Criticism of Wiebe's approach on severance scheme swells

Gepubliceerd op 12 oktober 2016 om 11:08

Secretary of State Eric Wiebes (Finance) is increasingly criticized over abuses by the tax authorities. Opposition parties do not settle for the way he has so far dealt with. Tomorrow the House addresses the issue.


Wiebe has decided to tax authorities in receivership since a redundancy scheme is significantly out of control. However, Pieter Omzigt, Member of Parliament for the CDA doubts: ,, Only after the House discovered the problem, put the head of the Tax Administration, Wiebes itself so, the tax authorities under guardianship. '

The SP, the main opposition party, says to lose confidence in Wiebes. ,, The taxpayer pays tax neat. VVD minister Wiebe makes a mess. Money is now gone. How credible are you? '' Twitters SP MP Farshad Bashir.

The criticism has to do with the runaway reorganization of the tax authorities. This is a departure scheme was set up, in the hope that 5,000 employees would leave itself. But many more interested people than expected signed up for here. On 1 September 7820 were of 30,000 employees signed up for a conversation about it. Therefore, the acceptance period had previously closed.

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