Tram partly disappears streetscape Amsterdam

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The tram partially disappear from the streets in the center of Amsterdam.


When the North / South line opens in 2018, two-thirds of all passengers, go by metro. The halves share of the tram, Het Parool writes on the basis of the new transport plan of transport company GVB.

The new subway is a few tram routes unnecessary. So Vijzelstraat and Leidsestraat will process significantly fewer trams and get out of the Lairessestraat disappears tram altogether.

There comes another tram in return: a flexible shuttle line when pressed between Central Station and Surinameplein driving. This tram is mainly for tourists and day trippers.

Metro is 'backbone'
The subway is the "backbone" of the Amsterdam public transport. If in 2018 the North-South line riding, which connects Amsterdam North with the South Axis is entire public transport network redecorated in the city. "Never before in the 116-year history of CFP changed many lines of code or route," writes Alexandra director of Huffelen of transport company GVB in the draft transport plan which is now in the Metropolitan Region.

The arrival of the Metro Buses and trams on certain routes less frequently drive. It mainly concerns the routes where the subway is underground. This saves costs. In addition, Metro's "fast, punctual and can carry many passengers in a comfortable way," the CFP.

"More often change '
The transport company warns that travelers must often change in the future, but that the duration of their journey will be shortened by the rapid metros. The buses and trams, moreover, do not disappear, but are used elsewhere in the city. Therefore visitors to Amsterdam can easily and quickly travel to areas outside the city center, which is necessary because the city is becoming busier.

The Telegraph Editors: Photo: BAKER, RONALD

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