Covert action in jail killer Marianne Vaatstra

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A private detective says in prison to have spoken through an infiltration action with the killer of Marianne Vaatstra (16).


The agency has been investigating for years stories about the possible involvement of several persons in the 17-year-old murder. According to the researchers is that killer Jasper S. suddenly against a fellow detainees says he 'complicit' about the murder.

Jasper S. has from prison never want to come out on the case. He was in 2013 on the basis of conclusive DNA evidence and a confession sentenced to a prison sentence of eighteen. The Public Prosecutor (OM) is always assumed that Jasper S. acted alone. The court has accepted this.

According to the Bureau Jasper S. has during infiltatrie action clearly against fellow detainees told himself 'accomplice' to feel the murder. This arouses suspicion among researchers because this implies possible according to them, that indeed he is not only responsible for the death of Marianne. Until today put citizen journalists and conspiracy theorists serious doubts about the official version of the Public Prosecutor. The private investigation agency DBDB from Leeuwarden found in his own words earlier indications that it would be more than one perpetrator, possible asylum seekers.

The detective agency, which in the past have worked with the father of Marianne and said that from personal fascination unpaid work in the study, through accumulated through contact with fellow detainees who spent S. period between October 2014 and March 2015 in prison . The detective with the cooperating Gerard Veenstra gave the wife of the detainee instructions, which were then passed during visiting hours. The fellow detainees had to win S. confidence, including by being open about his own actions.

Partly responsible
The fellow detainees spoke to him, under the cards with S. in Frisian. The cop said to have heard "some remarkable 'statements. Thus S. said his wife "for many years next to an accomplice." The killer also refused to pay full compensation 'because it definitely would not be right' and only 'one-third' is responsible.

Researchers found this remarkable because for years the persistent rumor that one or more asylum seekers were involved in the murder. Who would soon after the gruesome incident accelerated Netherlands are put off by the authorities.

S. would now regard the damages to several survivors have adequate amounts and have made over. Marianne's father had previously allocated more than 40 thousand euro from the judge.

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