Internal struggles must give new impetus to Labour

Gepubliceerd op 14 oktober 2016 om 09:52

The PvdA summit gets what it wants: a battle for the party leadership between Samson and Asscher. Just throw the critical parliamentarian Jacques Monasch spanner in the works, because he challenges Samson out.


It's not quite the image where the Labour Summit was hoping for. The battle for the party leadership is passed by - most probably - three white men. Sitting opposite leader Diederik Samson (45) is critical parliamentarian Jacques Monasch (54) resurrected.

Also deputy prime minister Lodewijk Asscher (42) is ready to do battle, most likely he will next week officially released. Now he holds the cards for a while chest. ,, I chose my moment to say something about my future, '' he said yesterday.

Possible sign even a fourth candidate: Euro MP Paul Tang (49) is like Asscher next week known whether he holds. The attempt by party chairman Hans Spekman also to persuade a woman to candidate himself seems failed. As anyone can formally are candidates until 24th October.

Two fight
Separately, Spekman do get an election with at least two strong candidates: Samson and Asscher. The latter has indeed doubted long, but Spekman has always operated on a conflict between the two. A dream struggle because the party - which in the opinion polls historically low state - again can bring positive news.

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