Elephant Shoot 'drowning' attendant to help

Gepubliceerd op 15 oktober 2016 om 12:46

The elephant is one of the most beloved animals on earth, and also very sensitive. Images from a Thai park is to see how sensitive these animals, even to people


The young elephant Kham La lives with 18 other elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, where elephants are collected when they are rescued from the tourism industry.Kham LA for her rescue was trained to type, so that tourists could take a ride on her back.The workouts were hard and Kham La is traumatized, yet they built directly into the park a bond with caretaker Darrick.


How deep this bond can be seen on the images that the park this week put on YouTube.Darrick is in the water and a bit carried away by the current, something Kham La noticed immediately. Darrick is not really in jeopardy, but the tiny elephant coming straight towards him to help him out of the water.


She hands him her trunk and is standing protectively over him, so Darrick safely climb ashore. The video has been viewed in two days more than 50,000 times, and according to the park bears an important message with it. "It shows us that if we treat an animal with love, he will always give us back that love."

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