Can a terrorist attack not to ' Netherlands '

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JIHADISM EXPERT He is hosted on a hiding address (' a piece ') somewhere in Belgium. Exclusive to this newspaper does the Belgian-Palestinian jihadism expert Alde'emeh Chad (27) his story.


Saturday Alde'emeh had to cancel a festival gig in Amsterdam.

Why could not you come?
,, Islamic State has listed me on a death list. They can strike at any time, even in Amsterdam. I spoke in 2014 in Syria with Flemish and Dutch jihadists and since it is known that I work with the Belgian security service, I risk from that angle. I am a spy in their eyes. In 2014 I was already a day in an al Qaeda prison in Aleppo after a Dutch fighter had accused me of spying. "

Have failed the Dutch authorities?
,, No, everyone wanted me and they wanted to exert themselves to the utmost. But at such short notice was not accurate protection to arrange. I myself decided to retire. "

You will find the Dutch deal with the Islamist terror threat 'naive'.
,, Since the Netherlands have been spared major attacks so far, the severity of the threat is underestimated. Netherlands can not stop at, is my impression. There is so much polarization and fear. If deaths would fall by a terrorist attack, there will undoubtedly be tackled from extreme-right corner. You politicians should shoot up. They seem in touch with what is happening in the Muslim communities is done completely lost. In Belgium, the underestimation there initially. But I saw what was going on and warned of attacks in early 2015. Unfortunately, that prediction came true. "

Later natives must still required on pilgrimage to Mecca
Montasser Alde¿emeh

In your new interview book "The Road to radical reconciliation 'warns of civil war in Europe.
,, We see that IS recruits children under ten, eleven years old. In the Netherlands, for the alienation is you really do not less than in Belgium. Those children must commit attacks in Europe here. They are completely alienated from society grow up in families where all day turned Arab TV channels.

The mosques are the children made a fool of anxiety. Them was told, that they will be tortured if they die in sin, that will bite a snake in their ass. But if they die as a "martyr" to forgive their sins and even their family members go to paradise. The imams have them this fool in my eyes 'terrorists'. They have no knowledge of Western ideas and probably would not even pass the high school exam. With the arrival of new groups from the Middle East, we import more from this backwardness - in addition to the internal conflicts in that region. "

Shaves not too many Muslims with the same brush?
,, I also get support from successful, integrated Muslims who no longer want to hang the victim.

But there must stand up more people in the community that the essence - which alienation - approaches. That is the only solution. Why am I being dismissed as 'traitor' because I work for the Belgian state security service that protects immigrants?

Politicians used Muslims as voting-cattle and politically correct activists have built around them a lot casualty industry. These young people should not let it lean. Do something, go to college. And be humble: keep talking to Dutch and Belgians that they are "racist" because they have fear of Islamization. not urge them to use up. Later natives must still required on pilgrimage to Mecca. "

What to do with recurrent Syrian-goers?
,, I have given them. It is impossible to deradicalise them. All those government programs fail. Put them in the cell. And do not think you have no problem in the Netherlands.

 There are more than 200 people traveled from the Netherlands to Syria. They have brothers, cousins, and friends are often seen as heroes. And now loses IS ground and the battle for Mosul is about to start, increasing the pressure to tease and spread fear in the West attacks. We must work more on prevention. And ultimately destroy IS. "

In Belgium against you demand one year in prison Communities because you would have given a false 'deradicaliseringsverklaring' for an ex-goer Syria.
,, I want to say anything about the time being, but as you could read in the Flemish media, I told the judge that I worked for the State Security. My situation was very complicated.

The federal police even followed me as a potential radical because they knew that I was working for the domestic secret service. To dispel the distrust, I announced that I worked for the State Security. "

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