Rutte wants blood sample of bus driver deadly accident Sierre

Gepubliceerd op 17 oktober 2016 om 11:51

Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the Swiss Government asked for a blood sample from the Belgian bus driver who in 2012 against a tunnel wall clashed in Sierre. The accident came at 28 people dead, including six Dutch people.


Rutte wants to finally answer the question whether it was a deliberate act. Rutte made his request known to the parents of some victims are from the Netherlands.

In Switzerland, closed the investigation into the disaster without cause was appointed. One parent wrote "with the courage of despair, the Dutch and Belgian Government to" and now received a reply from Prime Minister Rutte.

,, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to your letter informed like to examine how the Swiss authorities can be approached with a request to provide a blood sample for research, '' it sounds.

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