Only white kid bullied in class: "This is outrageous'

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The 13-year-old Mees in Amsterdam North was the only white child in his class at the Waterlant College. After two months of harassment he collapsed. Now he's at another school. Labour MP Amma Asante quite shocked by the story of Mees.


Thursday she got an email from Peter, the father of the boy. Monday, she spoke with him."As a mother of two beautiful brown girls felt directly addressed imagine that this would happen to my girls, that's terrible, and as a politician I thought.. What can I do?"

School management should be proactive

The Mees classmates at the College Waterlant spoke only Turkish and Moroccan. Mees was scolded for butter cup and cunt-Hollander. He was always alone in the canteen.According to his father, the school could offer him a safe environment in which they picked him up from school.

Asante criticizes the school: "The father told that the school term had the choice to pick Tit School That sounds nice, but that is not the correct setting of a school Schools must immediately intervene.. in such a case. The school has not been proactive. "

Not only a leather factory

Asante first reaction was: this is outrageous and can not. "Every child should be able to feel safe at school," she says. "A school has two main tasks: educating our children and the co-education of children A school is not just a leather factory If children are discriminated against, you have to intervene a school..."

The Labour politician is not planning to ask the Minister of Education for clarification: "This is primarily a matter for the alderman of Education in Amsterdam I'm going to investigate to see if this problem nationwide plays. . It is not obvious that it plays only in Amsterdam, but I have no facts or figures thereon. "

The school was not available for comment.

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Labour MP Amma Asante

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