Father takes son to police after drug murder Zeewolde

Gepubliceerd op 19 oktober 2016 om 14:20

The man who today was found dead in Zeewolde according to witnesses' strangled and then stabbed to death. It would be a conflict of drugs, according to a statement from the father of the possible perpetrator. The father has his son himself brought to the police.


In total there are two suspects were arrested, police said Flevoland. The victim would be the occupant of the building in which he was found. During the attack on the man were several people in the house were present.

The body in the house on the North Island in Zeewolde was this morning at a quarter past six found by police after a notification. There forensics is done.

drugs Pledge
According to neighbors, is the conscious building in the district known as "crack house" and there was a lot of people on the floor. ,, Then if something happens here in Zeewolde, not surprising that it happens here, "said one of the residents.

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