Many premature babies wins hearts with smile

Gepubliceerd op 21 oktober 2016 om 09:37

Many premature, still without a name, but already world famous. The smile and the vitality of this only five days old American baby mother did Lauren Vinje decide to share the special snap of her daughter on Facebook.


Lauren mother took the picture five days after the birth of the baby, which was to fight by her premature birth in order to stay alive. ,, This photo helped me through the ups and downs.Life is so precious, "Lauren wrote Sunday in the cheerful image.

Her daughter weighed at that time only 1,757 grams. By comparison, average infants weighing 3,500 grams.

Lauren since the photo on the internet turned was shared this massive and liked more than 300,000 times. It creates a stream of personal stories baby apart from other parents of premature babies.

Lauren took the photo at exactly the right time. Babies laugh only aware when they are one month old. Before that time, it sometimes seems as if a child laughs, but it's more about reflexes like movements.

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