Hero Vincent (26) rescues two children from burning car

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A true act of heroism he has done. That realization is dawning on Vincent Bakker. The 26-year-old technician from Spijkenisse rescued Thursday morning on the A20 in Schiedam a baby and a toddler from a burning car. ,, This they did not survive otherwise. ""

downloads-110.jpgUnsuspecting rides Bakker and his company van on the highway to a customer when he sees Audi A6 on the shoulder. ,, I sat through the car kit on the phone with my brother, who also works at Tom Installation '' he says.

,, The car was already on the shoulder and I saw fire at the outlet. My brother I immediately said that I was going to help. I threw my van on the shoulder and ran to the car. The children's mother got out, she had not realized that the car was on fire. She had smelled smoke alone. She was shocked and screamed, my children, my children! ''

Bare knuckle
The Rotterdam family mother pulls on the door, but that does not open. The electronic lock is on because of the fire, knows Bakker. He sees the baby in the back seat, does not hesitate and strikes with his bare fist into the window. ,, I saw no other possibility.Fortunately, the window broke away. It was not so easy to get out of the Maxi-Cosi. The mother tugged at the straps. I ended up there with the Maxi-Cosi baby and all pulled out and made safe in my van. ''

Then follows the main problem, because the other child is still in the car and the fire took hold quickly. Agents that are now on the spot, make frantic efforts the side window on the other side smash and stairs. ,, But that was not so easy, because the car was parked near the guardrail. I remembered that I had tools with me. From my van I pliers 22 millimeters removed and smashed the rear window. Agents were able to pull out the child 3 years old then. ''

Muffled booms
It's just in time, because there is a conflagration. ,, We walked away and heard three muffled pop. I really do not think these children had survived it without my help. They were now, a few glass wounds after, unharmed. I myself have only a small cut in my hand by smashing the glass. ''

Despite the impressive event Bakker makes his day off and he just remedy faults on boilers.,, I have been working for ten years in the case and a lot of fun. Moreover, it gives work experience after such a violent distraction, because when I was on the road again, I felt the emotions. ''

Meanwhile, the reactions are initiated. ,, I think that not even many people know that I saved the children. Nevertheless, I called fifty times and I have had many messages '' he said Thursday night. The mother after the rescue operation was to embrace her brood again, Bakker has not spoken. That still happens. ,, Her partner called me. Sunday I go to the family in Rotterdam Ommoord to visit, but he thanked me a thousand times. "" The police and Baker put some of the heroism and fire on video.

By Editors AD: Photo: Frank de Roo

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