Arguing on the left about Klaver call for "progressive partnership '

Gepubliceerd op 25 oktober 2016 om 11:55

A call GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver for a "progressive partnership 'has led directly to an argument on the left. According to Labour leader Diederik Samson was already a plan for far-reaching cooperation between the Social Democrats and Green Shamrock and keeps it personally against.

download-48.pngClover called PvdA, SP and D66 tonight on a progressive blockage of the VVD to prevent the Liberals after the election to rule again. ,, Without the VVD together we can form the heart of the new cabinet, "said GroenLinks leader Shamrock tonight at a party meeting in Eindhoven. ,, Rutte needs us, but we Rutte not." He promised that after the elections his first phone call will not be the VVD leader. ,, But my leftist friends. "

This, however, are not waiting for a phone call. Samson had already been planning the end of 2014 with Shamrocks predecessor Bram van Ojik. ,, We would go together in the elections, with two electoral lists and a program that was tailored to both parties, "Samson says. ,, In the campaign we would make it clear that we were going to merge the groups after the elections."

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