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Haunted in the Egyptian Sinai desert. Almost daily the local branch of Islamic State commit there attacks on Egyptian soldiers and police. In propaganda videos on the Internet threatening to abduct the jihadists Israelis and conquer Jerusalem. ,, It is not safe for Israelis in Sinai.

Cross the border not, "warns a voice in Hebrew, therefore continuously from loudspeakers at the border crossing between Israel and Egypt. But during the Jewish High Holidays this week thousands of young Israelis ignore the warnings in the wind and pull loaded with tents, guitars and backpacks to the Egyptian peninsula. They come for sun, sea, beach and beautiful coral reefs at competitive prices.

Sinai ,, is the most special place on earth. I love the simplicity of this area, "said Yamit Halifa (35), an Israeli company analyst from the city of Ramat Gan, with friends spends her holiday in a simple thatched beach hut on the Red Sea. For nine years, she did not dare Sinai for fear of kidnappings and attacks. But after she read on Facebook that many Israelis dare again, she took courage.

Scared and happy
,, I have to admit that I was worried when we crossed the border. At the same time I was happy because I've missed so terribly Sinai. Once in the camp slid all the worries from me. "The camp where they are staying, is not much more than a dozen huts, a kitchen and a shower room. In her hut only lies a mattress, there is no running water, electricity or Internet . a little further down dozens of Israeli tourists, some with young children, to read in the shade in the common room, play chess or dozing. it is continuously smoked hashish and marijuana. ,, We call this 'Sinai-time', says Halifax . ,, you're completely away and unreachable. Therefore, you lose all sense of time. "

For years, the Sinai desert was a popular holiday destination for Israelis, but series and bloody attacks on Israeli tourists in 2004 were mostly there to an end. Since the fall of Egyptian President Mubarak in 2011 terror rose and fell tourism.

Last year, claimed IS an attack on a plane full of Russian tourists in which 224 people died.Since then, the Egyptian army is a very hard fight against terrorism in Sinai. The violence largely takes place in the north of the peninsula near the border with the Gaza Strip, some 350 kilometers from the beaches in the south where Israeli tourists stay. But IS has big ambitions and expands. The Israeli army is expected within six months of an attack on Israel or Israeli targets in Sinai. Whoever goes in such an area on vacation?

,, Of course, there is always something happening, "said Yuval, an Israeli tour guide who with his young family on vacation in Sinai. Because of his work, he does not want his name in the newspaper. ,, But in Jerusalem, we have constantly attacks so what's the difference? the locals live from tourism. They are happy that we are back and will do everything to keep us safe. "

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