Rush halal civilians in Slotervaart

Gepubliceerd op 26 oktober 2016 om 11:48

At the official opening of MeramBurger Monday, 1200 were sold halal citizens time within three hours. "We're even an hour longer remained open," says owner Ali Topal.


From two hours there were already people in line. "We were already open but people came specially for the opening action," said Topal. At the opening took a citizen but a euro.Normally, customers pay between three and six euros for a burger. "That's not much for a quality citizen, but during the opening action cost the public just one euro," says the owner.

It would be Topal had expected a success. "We had us well prepared for that many people would come, but after six -. We've stayed open an hour longer than planned - there was still a line of people who unfortunately we have to point out the door.."

Child illnesses
The burger restaurant opened in August, the doors at the Pieter Calandlaan. "We wanted to wait until all the teething problems were gone before we start opening action," Topal explained.

Beginning in 2017 the entrepreneur opens two more branches. "At Ganzenhoef Southeast and o p Slotermeerlaan in New West." There, too, an opening action will be taken.

By the Editors Parool Photo: Meram

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