Opposition evil, "Rutte told the truth about Orange '

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Opposition parties SP, D66 and GroenLinks again demands clarification from Prime Minister Rutte. They are not happy with his response to questions about the secret tax deal that ended the Orange in the 70s.


RTL News revealed the existence of the secret tax deal on October 10. Willem-Alexander continues to benefit from the deal . Today, Prime Minister Rutte wrote to the House that he found no evidence of the compensation, but there is still more research was needed .But from documents RTL News now published, it appears indeed that there is a secret tax deal signed with the Orange .

"Clear evidence"

Socialist Party MP Ronald van Raak is unhappy about the reaction of Rutte. "It is blamed Rutte fog creates and not telling the truth. Rutte says there is no evidence, but the documents RTL Nieuws holds, clearly show that there is a deal."

Van Raak want to know exactly how much money get compensated for the Orange, so that the compensation can be reversed. The expiry of Rutte, the SP does not go far enough. "There should be an independent investigation to come to the NCA. Like in the short term so that the current prime minister there still has to account for."

"Too much of shadowy '

GroenLinks believes there's too many shadowy areas around the finances of the House of Orange. The party believes that documents from the Royal Archives should be made public.

"As a parliamentarian or minister must each roll that you declare to be carefully archived. That's part too, because it is taxpayers' money. But when it comes to the royal family that rules do not apply sudden," said MP Linda Voortman. "Green wants to know what matter and the personnel this money being spent."

Why no evidence?

Also, D66 leader Alexander Pechtold wants clarification from the Prime Minister. "Rutte may say why he could not prove it and what his next step." If the prime minister does not come with a clear answer, D66 takes an independent investigation of the Court 'constructive'.

The Lower House tomorrow with Prime Minister Rutte in debate on the budget of the Royal Household.

By RTL News Editors: Photo: Reuters

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