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The Health Inspectorate (Inspectorate) has three new nursing homes put on the blacklist. It comes to nursing homes to Cato from The Hague, Care Residence Sunbeam from Hilversum and Avondrust in Veenendaal. They are underperforming.


The Inspectorate began last summer with the publication of the list. At launch, eleven inmates were on. In three of them did not meet the medication. Five of those institutions have not been able to wrest the most intensive supervision and are still on. These are: Careyn, Humanitas, Laurens, Motion 3.0 and Cours.

In one of the institutions, Foundation Careyn is even deployed an intervention. It is the first time this has happened, and that at one of the main bodies of the country. Careyn has 29 nursing homes in the provinces of Utrecht, Noord-Brabant and Zuid-Holland. In this live 2400 people.

With the three (small) entrants, there are thus eight institutions that do not score well in September (still) were under intensive monitoring. The inspection takes extra measures to improve the situation in the nursing homes. Thus, four of the eight agencies received an administrative instruction and get the other four surveillance.

Van Rijn
Secretary of State Martin van Rijn (Health) also revealed that, since the start of the additional surveillance in 2015, when 111 of the 150 nursing institutions where there was an increased risk of quality is now in order. There is no additional oversight of the inspection necessary.

The three new (small) settings on the blacklist were already part of the previous 150 nursing homes with increased risk.

,, Let me be clear: I want the quality improves as soon as possible in all nursing homes where it is needed. Fortunately there by sitting on top of real progress in the last period. At 111 institutions, the additional supervision meanwhile superfluous. Where improvements are needed, the inspection occurs enforcement action '' says Van Rijn.

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