Concerns about increased emergency recording children

Gepubliceerd op 8 november 2016 om 15:10

Kinderombudsvrouw Margrite Kalverboer is concerned about the increase in the number of emergency admissions in secure youth care institutions. This year the number of children and young people to be grown forced included. This is apparent from its own research Kalverboer.


According Kinderombudsvrouw show children and parents often do not know where to go if they need help or they have to wait long for help which could exacerbate the problems. It also happens that the demand for care of a child is not properly assessed giving it any appropriate assistance. In addition, some municipalities take too long to cheaper light relief while heavier help is needed. The situation of a child can thus deteriorate and lead to a crisis.

According to the survey, eight of the thirteen institutions are now about 70 percent of capacity lost to crisis areas. Last year it was 50 percent. Kalverboer calls on all municipalities to assess in the short term for themselves to what extent the concerns play for them and work on improvements.

Secretary of State Martin van Rijn (Health) says the signals that it is not easily recognized. ,, The Children's Ombudsman calls for special attention to emergency placements. We also have signals that occur more frequently than necessary. Also because there are emergency placements from one institution to another. That is a striking phenomenon that we have to ask. Let's find out '' as soon as possible, Van Rijn says.

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