Trump is a relief

Gepubliceerd op 9 november 2016 om 15:09

A blind saw it coming but half journalism Netherlands had to necessarily travel to America to celebrate the party of Clinton.


Trump would win, went out to all those people. Yes journalism, it was once a box. Instead splashed moralism and indoctrination in the last months of the displays: Trump is bad, very very bad! Hillary is a woman, very very good!

Cheers by people who all against the woman his quota but rather the woman who has had her whole life piepelen by her adulterous husband like a dependent housewife with no job in a working class neighborhood, should suddenly be president of the free world ?!

Of course. Anything is better than a populist, misogynist and tax evader - right ?! Well, here's the bad news: the royal family owes its existence to populism, Bernhard did not fall for Trump, tax evasion or -ontwijken they invented by the Royal family. It does not harm the royal family, they perform even Emirates to fly instead of KLM while on a trade mission to Australia and New Zealand. But now you never hear about anyone, certainly not a journalist.Yes selective moralism, which hypocritically disguised as NPO journalist pays his mortgage not?

And while the victory of Trump über clear. Not because Trump is so emphatic and eloquent, but because politicians - and journalists - have no idea how to live on eighty percent of the population lives and works. Wake up call: the 80/20 rule is applicable to virtually all and every country. Only 20% of the population is highly educated in the Netherlands earn only 180,000 people (or even less, the numbers are unclear) over a ton - but politicians are then happens to be in between. Those people are in our own parliament that 150, make decisions about the 80% who earn average. How can people who earn more than three times modal, empathize what it is like to live in a neighborhood where they want to be found dead? Or to raise two children on such income? The population kicks just not part of politicians have no idea what they are talking about from their white sanctuaries, driven from the back seat of their car or driver paid by the tax authorities. They're done.

The bad news is that 80% also has the right to vote. And has finished the lying, twisting and fine weather playing career politicians. There is only one way to Trump and fight off the Trump brassica a victory and that is by introducing fiscal voting rights. The political establishment dream: why everyone should have a voice? Referenda are not for nothing loathed by those in power. Americans have chosen Trump because he's not Hillary. He may be a billionaire, but not part of the establishment. He might not pay taxes, but is not that everyone's dream? He is rude about women, but there is a man there who never committed has made? He discriminates, but who does not? Trump is a relief because he is honest, rough and loud - everything which is 20% above our opposites disgusted. That alone was worth voting for him. And what will have baled which 20% of Trump's famous first words: I'll be a president for all Americans.

The man is a born politician. Congratulations world.

By Metro News Editorial Photo: Metro News

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