Next year Wiebe comes only with numbers reorganization Tax next year

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Secretary Wiebe has his hands full with the runaway voluntary departure scheme of staff of the Tax.


There was so much interest in the scheme, that approximately 70 million extra will cost.After some spirited debates would Wiebes - at the request of the House - next month, with final figures. In a letter in the hands of RTL requires the Secretary of State that he is not going to save this.

Due to the postponement of the figures seem Secretary Wiebe buy some extra time in the riot around the large severance payment of employees of the Tax Administration. He says in December ,, not to allow the full and based on the latest state of affairs' figures. Data where parliament explicitly asked for.

Wiebe know how many people have used the severance scheme, but has no information on the consequences. What will the tax do to compensate for the departure of 6,000 employees? And how big are the risks associated with this? These are questions that the Secretary can give no answers yet, and thus he has asked for a postponement.

The Lower House will probably not very happy. Several MPs demanded in October publication. They wanted to know exactly how it is that the reorganization 70 million works out more expensive than planned. CDA MP Omtzigt did thereby even invoke Article 68 of the Constitution, which regulates the right to information for parliament. A problem for Wiebe, which has long recognized that 'not nice' was gone.

Through all the criticism in the House Wiebe decided to ask the Tax Office under guardianship with regard to finances. However, opposition parties took not satisfied with the way Wiebes so far dealt with the sensitive issue. ,, Only after the House discovered the problem, put the head of the Tax Administration, Wiebes itself so, the Tax receivership, '' said Christian Democrat parliamentarian Omtzigt.

Despite the above measures, the Court continues to insist on more facts and figures. This will therefore - if it is to Wiebe - to come in 2017. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State seems more sinking in the quicksand . Like its predecessor Frans Weekers.

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