Hague official resignation to breastfeed unfairly

Gepubliceerd op 16 november 2016 om 14:42

A woman who wanted to give her baby during working hours breastfeeding is unfairly dismissed by the municipality of The Hague. That the Board considered for the Human Rights, reports Omroep West.


The woman wanted shortly after her maternity leave during working hours to the care of her daughter, a few minutes away from her work, to give her baby breastfeeding. Before that she was not allowed. Following internal consultations offered her supervisor that she was pumping at her workplace, but did not want the woman.

Day and a half after the incident the woman was fired. Then they complained because they felt discriminated against on grounds of her sex.


The Board for the Protection of Human Rights, the woman in her right. This ruling is not binding, but does have "authority". According to the law allowed women with a child under nine months to add working hours pumping or breastfeeding. They may be used for this one-quarter of their total work time.

It is not yet known whether the officer gets back her job at the Hague. The municipality has announced 'study statement "the.

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