Police get some tips when searching for "unknown boy"

Gepubliceerd op 16 november 2016 om 15:32

Police have received some tips in response to the search for the identity of an unknown boy. The case yesterday received attention in the Investigation Requested program.


During an already ongoing criminal investigation met with police and judicial authorities on photographs of the boy. According to a spokesman could good that the boy is Dutch. ,, Having Dutch-looking interior, but also by the presence of an AH-plastic bag. ''

It is unclear whether something has happened to the boy. That is what the police dare to make any statements, as well as to any criminal investigation involved. It is not known how old the child is. ,, But we will of course not for nothing as soon as possible to know the identity. ''

The police at the site put different pictures, most of which - incidentally, not by the police - has been edited. Because the search so far nothing has been delivered, the help of the people is invoked. Also runs the call to idle, then foreign investigative services may also be involved in the investigation.

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