Jan chased robbers with stick: Now I shoot or growing your head

Gepubliceerd op 19 november 2016 om 12:29

,, I'm not a hero at all. And I definitely do not want to come across as a tyrant. I just acted on impulse, "said café owner Jan ter Haar from Nijmegen. With a stick he drove last night two armed robbers in his cafeteria St. Anna Family.

Naamloos-4209.pngThe whole day is already coming and going of people from the neighborhood. Bunches of flowers on the counter. ,, We will bring some positivity, "says a father who comes drawings with his children indicate Ter Haar.

Armed men
Yesterday steps two armed men in his case. Ter Haar is back in its case. There is one customer inside, a young lady. It takes in "standing behind the counter. The men holding two women at gunpoint.

Ter Haar hear that it is completely wrong and steps forward with his stick. He has a clear message to his attackers: ,, If you want to shoot, you should do it now, or I'm going to grow your head, "I shouted Two The fries farmer choose them without loot their heels is very happy with the.. backing away. ,, who help us to be fine, "said Ter Haar a day later. The case was opened just today.

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