' Justice must ensure safety mosques '

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Ard van der Steur (Justice) Minister should be more effort to ensure safety of mosques and visitors of those places of worship.

Naamloos2-642.pngThis allows the Turkish-Islamic Cultural Federation Netherlands (TICF), an umbrella organisation of mosques, in a letter to the Minister.

According to the TICF, which represents 143 mosque associations are mosques increasingly target of vandalism and threats. According to President Aydin last week alone there were tires Üre was lekgestoken by mosque visitors in Zaandam and there were destructions caused to places of worship in Medemblik and Zwijndrecht.
The Organization says earlier this year even though the Minister intervened to have with a similar request, but when rejected. In the mean time the threats and vandalism, partly due to recent developments in Turkey, only have increased.

,, We find it incomprehensible and regrettable that insufficient attention to is here. The Muslims feel unsafe. We call on the Minister on to the safety of mosques with the necessary commitment and resources. '' According to would in any case need to be deployed Üre was on additional monitoring of the police on the buildings.

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