End research brands fraud Bazaar beverwijk

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2016 om 14:09

An investigation against the Bazaar in beverwijk due to fraud is not continued brands.

Naamloos2-646.pngThe public prosecutor has decided this because this market has shown itself to take measures against the sale of counterfeit items.

Eight major brands did mid-2014 together Declaration against the Bazaar because of alleged complicity in the sale of counterfeit items such as clothing, perfume and audio. But after a broad approach in which even the municipality, police and tax authorities were concerned, the organization increasingly against the rumbling.

To check the Bazaar also itself according to the ORDER on the sale of counterfeit goods. , Once that is found, the Exhibitor a penalty or the rental agreement is terminated. ''
The sale of counterfeit trademark goods is prohibited by law. During the last few years large quantities of counterfeit checks were articles found on the Bazaar, which is Europe's largest indoor market ' '.

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