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To the current lack of clarity around the conditions of health care insurance is coming to an end. With every basic insurance for 2017, the fine print at a glance clear.


Let the insurers through a special ' menu ' on their website from now on exactly what health care providers there deals are made, how high the fee is where an insured person is entitled to and how big the freedom of choice. The health insurance card also contains the usual information about the basic insurance in General, the own risk and care advice and mediation.

,, Insured persons have indicated the need for a short, easy-to-understand explanations about their health insurance '', acknowledges André Rouvoet (Netherlands health insurers). ,, This review is useful to people as soon as they need care, and if they want to switch to another insurance. "

Understanding health insurance companies adopt and publish, by 19 november-and in the same way-the data available about each basic insurance that in 2017. Of course also distinguish in the three types of insurance: natura, combination or refund.

The Patiëntenfederatie and the consumers ' Association, which insisted on that information significantly in november 2015, are involved in the design of this brand new service.

,, This improves the insight, but there are still missing business, "said a spokeswoman for the consumers ' Association. , As information about the maximum number of allowable treatments that has been agreed with the health care provider and the percentage contracted hospitals. But on balance, this is definitely a good step forward. "

Poliswoud Director Dianda Veldman of the Patiëntenfederatie welcomes all what ' poliswoud ' gives more clarity in the. , Also very seriously, so here we look to. We'll post appearance sure to policyholders asking if they have something and what information there is still missing. "

The second room also has already asked for a clear polisbijsluiter. Governing party PvdA would prefer less policies that at a stroke to understand. , But as long as there is a lot of variation, the choice should completely clear, says member of Parliament Lea Bouwmeester. ,, I hope we really sneaky, fine print in the policies off. "

Soon comes the small school as the first with the rates for 2017 to the outside.

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