School research may refuse sex movie

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2016 om 17:08

ROC West-Brabant have Chantal from Werkendam no access to all computer data from that school to find out who a sex movie of the Brabant has spread. That certain the Court in Breda Wednesday morning.

Naamloos2-658.pngAbout a year and a half ago published an unknown person a video on Facebook showing that Chantal sexual acts conducted with her ex-boyfriend. After several lawsuits against Facebook and lengthy investigation showed the movie on one of the computers of ROC West-Brabant in Breda to be uploaded.

The school management, however, refused to grant access to the computer data. It takes precedence over the importance of the privacy of 2500 students and employees above that of Chantal and his search for the so-called revenge pornofilmpje diffuser. Through the summary proceedings they hoped to force the school to provide access to the computer data a researcher.

The Court States that there are other, less objectionable ways ' are ' to the identity of the poster to figure it out. ,, So there is still a criminal investigation that clearing can offer. Even though this study according to Chantal currently lists the available computer data, frozen, so that they remain available for research ", writes the Court.

Attorney Thomas van Vugt, assists, Chantal calls it decision of the Court ' incomprehensible '. Tweet: counsel, the judge must, Chantal but go back to the police. That does nothing for a year and a half. "

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