Room do not want traffic fines to address adequacy gaps

Gepubliceerd op 22 september 2016 om 10:15

A majority in the lower House will find the Ministry of security and justice no may impose traffic fines to close holes in the budget.

Naamloos-3353.pngOn the Queen's speech it was announced that the Ministry wants to eliminate a deficit by more. To 20 million euros. The deficit is the result of the collective labour agreement of the actions of the agents last year.

PvdA'er Jeroen R Krishnan comes in the treatment of the budget of security and justice with a motion which stated that road safety should be the only incentive for imposing a fine. Also the VVD believes that road safety must be the starting point, says a spokesman.

Minister Ard Van der Steur (security and justice) just want to further restrict the number of deaths and that more thorough approach "follow well once more fines".

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