No deal in murder case volleyball star Ingrid Visser

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The lawyers of the accused persons in the case of the murder of the Dutch set Louis Sadiki and Ingrid Visser have failed to close a deal with the prosecutors. The newspaper La Verdad de Murcia today reports that consultation between the lawyers and prosecutors and counsel for next-of-kin if the situation has not been rectified.


The Defense wanted for the three main suspects twenty years cell, while the plaintiffs demands 50 years for murder. If an agreement was reached, a process would not have been necessary. The process should start and lasts 28 september expected to mid-November.

The Dutch volleyball star and her partner were half may 2013 near Murcia on gruesome brutally murdered. Fisherman from 2009 to 2011 in the city played at the club CAV Murcia 2005. Prime suspect Juan Cuenca Lorente was manager at the club. He would have had a conflict with the Dutch set.

Block to the bone about the background has justice hardly anything published. The volleyball club went under in 2011 and left behind large debts, including fisherman. Sadek and Cuenca were business partners. Sadiq together with Cuenca would have tried to have as much as possible from the bankrupt club. Apparently was Sadiq a block to the leg of Cuenca.

Cuenca would for several thousand euros the two Romanian prime suspects, Valentin Ion and Constantin Stan, have turned to the Dutch couple from.
That happened brutally in a holiday home in Molina de Segura, 8 km northwest of Murcia.

Spanish media speak of one of the cruelest crimes of recent decades. The remains were bagged and in an orchard about 15 km further East buried.

The owner of the orchard, Serafín de Alba, as an accomplice. Against him is three years in prison. Against two Romanians is 50 years in prison.

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