Lamb contains no lam: still a lot of trickery with food

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There is still much fiddled with food. The consumer Association examined more than 150 products susceptible to fraud and one on the five times it was not what it should be.

Naamloos2-680.pngThe bond was made 50 percent deviations in examined samples manuka-honey, 47 percent in lamb and 31 percent in extra virgin olive oil. Also at oregano (11 percent) and cod (3 percent), it was not always in order.

No lamb lamb

In the examination of lamb was ten times, ten times or lamb shawarma-kebab bought lamb curry and minced lamb ten times. There was no trace of lamb in six times, but instead beef or Turkey. In eight other portions was what lamb, but also at least 40% other meat.

"It is too crazy for words that you buy or order and is fobbed off with something else or something of lesser quality '', says Director of the consumers ' Association Bart Combée. The bond is in favour of mandatory checks for authenticity and a reporting duty for supermarkets and manufacturers if they find defects.

In 2013 the paardenvlees affair in our country came to light. The cheaper horse meat was mixed with the more expensive beef, and in shops sold as beef.

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