Nutrition Centre: Green Happiness-diet is dangerous

Gepubliceerd op 27 september 2016 om 10:48

The Nutrition Centre warns of Green Happiness. The diet can be dangerous nutrient deficiencies and cause irreversible damage.

Naamloos2-674.pngThe popular Green Happiness-diet was created by Tessa Moorman and Merel von Carlsberg. They advise, among other things, to eat less protein. That can be dangerous, says Astrid Palmer of the Nutrition Center at BNR: "there knocking some things not at all to this diet. The amount of protein they need for writing is very very low. Much lower than a normal adult needs. "

Reduced resistance

That can be dangerous, says Palmer. "If you ingest proteins than long-term little break your body muscle tissue. The consequences can be so are: weakened muscles and reduced resistance. "

Furthermore the food expert on that too little calcium in the diet. There you can get's brittle bone disease in the long term. Participants eat no animal products and have therefore need extra vitamin B12, but The Green Happiness says nothing about it.

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