Exciting day survivors MH17: where BUK launched?

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It is again an important day in the investigation into the downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine. This afternoon, the prosecution makes the first results of the criminal investigation. Then expected to be clear from where the BUK missile is afgevuurd.Amsterdammer2016


"That will drive further into a corner of the perpetrators," expects correspondent Jeroen Akkermans, which the casehas been studying since the beginning . "However, the perpetrators will not be called, which is part of a subsequent survey."

Exact launch position

The exact position of the launch rocket, which this afternoon is likely to be announced, is almost certainly in the region in eastern Ukraine which was under the control of pro-Russian separatists. So much was already clear when the Safety Board last year presented his research. Only remained as a large area, it is expected that this afternoon will announce the exact location.

The British newspaper The Guardian says he knows that it is a field south of town Snizhne. Since the pro-Russian separatists on that fateful July 17 2014 were from the service. When they realized that they had shot a passenger aircraft out of the sky, the launcher was still smuggled across the border the next day, back to Russia , the newspaper writes.

"Russians persist '

But what will be announced this afternoon, has not yet say with certainty. However, it is already clear that the Russians will persist in their denial. The press conference they gave Monday shows that once again says Akkermans. Which was intended to sow confusion about the conclusions will be announced this afternoon.

Flight MH17 departed on July 17, 2014 to Kuala Lumpur, carrying 298 people, including 193 Dutch. As the plane flew over Ukraine, it was shot. No one survived the disaster. In the Netherlands, a day of national mourning was declared.

Small steps

The studies go to the disaster in small steps. The researchers take a cautious approach. As the previous study was designed merely to show that it really is a BUK missile had been and no Ukrainian fighter jet for example, as a short time it was claimed. Akkermans: "When we did not know from which place that was shot."

And below is another follow-up study and only then it will be about the identity of the perpetrators. But we do not have to count on very quickly. "That will take some time, it may go on for months or even a year."

By Editors RTL News: Photo: Reuters

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