Creators The Green Happiness, "We stand behind our mission, now more than ever '

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The The Green Happiness authors stand behind their dangerous diet, even though the Nutrition Center warns that shortages can cause nutrient and irreparable damage. That letter Tessa Moorman and Blackbird von Carlsberg on their Facebook page.


"By eating healthier we feel energetic, radiant and fitter," they write. "Criticism we take seriously and we take health seriously. We stand behind our mission. Now more than ever."

Moorman and Von Carlsberg advise their followers, among other things to eat less protein. The Nutrition Center is just dangerous : a shortage of protein the body breaks down muscle tissue.Furthermore, there is little calcium in the diet. Likelihood of eventually osteoporosis.


The Green Happiness says the past few days have received many positive reactions, but "we can imagine that you have many questions." "Friday afternoon can be found on our website, our response to the main questions that you asked. Ultimately, you decide for yourself where your body feels best at."

The Nutrition Center is not the only body that warned of The Green Happiness. The Dutch Association of Dietitians pleaded yesterday BNR to adapt to the diet. Also wants to set up a code of conduct for unhealthy food fads to avoid future.

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