Children's Ombudsman: Zwarte Piet violates children's rights

Gepubliceerd op 30 september 2016 om 09:49

Zwarte Piet is contrary to the UN CRC, the Children's Ombudsman proposes this morning in a new report. The "children's friend 'according Margrite Kalverboer can contribute to bullying, exclusion or discrimination and should therefore be adjusted.


Black Pete would therefore substantially overhauled so that children have experienced no negative effects by Sinterklaas. ,, By Black Piet get rid of discriminatory and stereotypical characteristics can from him a figure made that reflects the joy that so many experience to the Sinterklaas tradition, "the Children's Ombudsman in the report .

This is the first that the independent Ombudsman to interfere in the Bogeyman Discussion. How or interpretation should be given to Zwarte Piet, Kalverboer do not know.


Kalverboer received in their own words several complaints from people about Zwarte Piet, and the request to take a position on the figure. ,, Many colored children with whom is spoken, experienced discrimination in their daily lives and say that this is worse around the Sinterklaas time, "said Kalverboer.

,, Children experience the combination of a number of typical characteristics and behavior of Zwarte Piet as negative and discriminatory against people with dark skin. The Children's Ombudsman finds it on the basis of these discussions assume that children are being bullied or discriminated against while references to Black Peter. "

Children say furthermore that adults dominate the discussion in an unpleasant way, according to the report. The children surveyed say they want to think about modifications to the figure of Zwarte Piet and found that adults should set a good example.

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