Drop to say? No European leader has in his head

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A Angela Merkel 'pleur to "say? Absolutely unthinkable knows correspondent Jeroen Akkermans. Even leaders of neighboring countries would not make it into their heads to Rutte 'pleur Heads-decision to speak out in public.


Anne Saenen correspondent in Britain, is convinced: "The British prime minister Theresa May never be on national TV 'pleur to' say about nuisance foreigners She can really not afford.."

And that they not only found in Britain so. In Scandinavian countries, "Minister Stats 'will never be a' pleur-Heads-do. The debate on refugees as spicy, but populist street language that expresses the gut feeling is unthinkable from the mouth of a Scandinavian leader.


"As head of a country lower your not that kind of language, find the Germans," says correspondent Jeroen Akkermans. "Merkel is thoughtful and can not be tempted by this kind of slang. The leader of a country shows just do not go."

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is similar in language the best boy in the class and behaves accordingly. And no 'pleur on in Paris: French Prime Minister Hollande is known for its civilized language.

But his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy watched not his words, says France correspondent Stefan de Vries. "When you visit a suburb in 2005, he shouted to the people:" You have enough huh, that rig We will save you from it, we put the pressure washer on?. " A few months later broke massive riots in the suburbs, partly fueled by this aggressive expression of Sarkozy. "

"This is significant"

It is therefore significant that Mark Rutte says this concludes Arend Jan Boekestijn, historian and former politician. "That's our leader pronounce this type of bar talk on national television, means that we are less politically have been correct in the Netherlands. Since Fortuyn revolution you see that in our country. The language has since become tougher and rougher. That's our culture."

But even more striking is that Rutte get away with it. Boekestijn "His' pleur Heads-ruling does not make sense, because he totally solves nothing Politicians and media are talking about the ruling, but no bites really by Rutte gets away to other neighboring countries, is really unthinkable... . Hollande, Merkel, May, no Western European leader would now get away with this. "

How can? "Because everyone is impressed debate qualities of Rutte. His status is apparently so high that it gets a lot more leeway. The ruling has brought him two seats in the polls."

Populist language

That Western European leaders not to 'pleur on' car, does not mean that it is not hard going on in the Western European parliaments. The debate hardens between the "regular" politicians, whether you're in Brussels, London or Paris.

What ten years ago it was unthinkable to say, is now accepted view RTL News correspondents. The attacks in France which have accelerated development. "It is normally found that politicians speak louder and clearer language," Boekestijn says.

fuck you

In no other country migrants are so offended by politicians in Italy, tells correspondent Rethmeier. "Go away?' That's nothing to do with the "fuck you" (Vaffanculo!) Here in Italy occasionally heard in parliament, "said Rethmeier. Sometimes degenerate discussions in semi fights, as evidenced by this video:

Such harsh language comes primarily from the Italian party Lega Nord. Rethmeier: "Migrants are rats, mice and worms called, just to give an example Premier Renzi is adamant in his opinion on such statements, calling in turn the politicians who spread such language 'beasts'.."

Harder and coarser

Populist politicians like Geert Wilders and Donald Trump, do not adhere to the rules of civilized and tidy language, Boekestijn decision. "You can see in many countries. In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has made the debate harder and coarser. Other politicians follow his language. But that Rutte, leader of our country, it participates and with it get away, is striking. You can see nowhere else in Western Europe. "

By Editors RTL News: Photo: VPRO

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