Municipalities raise the alarm about approach confused people

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Large and medium-sized municipalities are sounding the alarm about the approach of confused people. Mayor of Leeuwarden Ferd Crone, president of the G32, the network of medium-sized cities, fears that "the nuisance is not curbed, but only further out of hand."


Municipalities are experiencing increasing problems caused by confused people . Problem according to Crone that municipalities do not have sufficient powers to deal with those people and prevent nuisance .

,, What I want is for the church, but also the family in particular circumstances may impose, at the request of Judge compulsory care. Of course that is always surrounded with strict safeguards, it's not like you can say as mayor: take your pill. '

Amendment of the law
Minister Schippers (Health) has already announced a change in the law that makes that possible, but Crone no longer wants to wait until that was entered. In 2011, the number of incidents reported to the police still stabbing at 40,000, in 2015 this number increased to over 65,000, an increase of 65 percent. Details of this year, according to the police not yet available.

But according to Ferd Crone, standing next mayor of Leeuwarden is also chair of the G32, a network of 37 (medium) sized municipalities in the Netherlands, the inconvenience of confused people only increases further.

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