Ex-boyfriend founds fire, woman must house

Gepubliceerd op 30 september 2016 om 11:57

Last week it was founded until fire three times in a 19 year old woman in Capelle aan den IJssel. To make matters worse the victim yesterday by housing Havensteder put under heavy pressure to move as quickly as possible.


The young woman sits like a dead bird on the bench. She has great sorrow and can barely sleep. The past week has deeply carved. Three times was the student victim of fire, precisely in the house where they thought they had found a safe haven.

Just five months ago, she left forced from Rotterdam Spangen. Fleeing her 21-year-old ex-boyfriend, who can not bear the fact that she ended the relationship. "I have nothing to live for more than you destroy," he would have said to her. She loves her ex responsible for the new misery that came over her.

Her flight, however, does not end there. Following the three fires in the youth housing complex on the Librije in Capelle aan den IJssel, the young woman was summoned yesterday by her landlord. ,, Employees woningstichting Havensteder told us that they have to move as quickly as possible, '' said mother Astrid, who spoke on behalf of the victim. ,, But it can nevertheless not do anything? We were told that they "as far as possible" should live. For her safety and the safety of the neighbors. My daughter is devastated. ''

The spokesman confirmed that the woman is summoned. Action is needed quickly according Havensteder. ,, It's not that we move to force the woman, '' said the spokesman. ,, We have advised her to move in its interest and that of their neighbors. The municipality of Capelle is willing to help her quickly to a new home with urgency. They can thus move into another Rijnmond Municipality. ''

The Capelse Labour councilor Martin Ponte is indignant. ,, This is the world upside down. Not the woman, but the offender must be addressed. Livable Capelle here has power. I urge them to show what they are worth. It is all too easy to slide the hot potato to another municipality. What if she later lived in Spijkenisse. Those ex needs to follow her only once after school and he knows where she lives. ''

The police have announced that there are no arrest was made. ,, We did witness one call and do crime scene. ''

By Editors AD: Photo: Frank de Roo

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