Poll patient: Doctor must learn to listen

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Four in ten patients can not have meaningful conversation with a medical specialist. The doctor listens to the wishes insufficient or giving room for questions.


According to a survey of patients Federation Netherlands among over 4,600 people. Compared with three years ago to present specialists more treatment options, patient notes, but still says one in six patients have no influence on the course of treatment. However, the vast majority (85 percent) suggests just that wish.

,, Many doctors only transmit information but not received, "said a spokesman for Patients Federation Netherlands. And that can not even find Minister Schippers (Health), today the campaign" decide together "kicks off. The campaign is a joint initiative Patients Federation Netherlands and the Federation of Medical Specialists.

Boaters: ,, The patient should know what treatment, what are the risks and alternatives. On that basis, he must decide with his doctor which treatment is best. "

good questions

Patients Federation stresses that a specialist should do more than outline the treatment options. ,, He must also see to the patient what is best for the home. If you have three small children, is not convenient for six weeks in plaster and example, you can opt for physical therapy, "says a spokesman. The patient may also take responsibility by asking good questions, says patients club.

The medical specialists realize that there is still much work to be done. ,, The younger generation involve patients more often in the consultation and lays treatment choices in understandable language. That they learn in their training. For the older generation shows that sometimes more difficult, "said spokeswoman Lilian Jansen of the Federation of Medical Specialists.

It stresses that there is already a large number of hospitals in the right direction, as it Westfriesgasthuis in Hoorn, where have all the doctors communication training.

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