"Biko burned clothes after killing AD delivery chick Anita '

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Biko M., the 29 year old who is suspected Schiedamse newspaper girl Anita van Dijk (51) to have been living in Rotterdam it has attacked several women and threatened. That said neighbors of his who kept quiet for fear of reprisals.


,, He is mentally not well and was already in a shelter. Neighbors ran in fear in an arc around him because he could deflect threatening language of a sudden, 'says a former neighbor of M. who does not want his name in the newspaper. ,, He had the mainly targeting women. ''

M. lived in a building on the Rotterdamsedijk in Schiedam, where several rooms are rented to "mostly passers. ,, Nobody knows who live there, because the tenants change somewhat. ''

It was after the atrocity a month before M. was arrested on suspicion of the murder of Van Dijk.

For a long time the police fumbled in the darkness who could have the crime on his conscience. But after the sad news about Van Dijk was known, M. was already considered a suspect by local residents. After all, he lived on the route of the newspaper district Van Dijk her granny bike riding and wandered at the oddest moments street. Nobody reported that to the police.

,, It was striking that he burned his clothes in the garden after the attack on the newspaper girl. Then some time after men in white suits meticulously searched the garden, it was clear to us that Mr it must have to do, '' said a neighbor. Former inmates of M. do not respond. ,, We want to have nothing to do with it. ''

W. did work according to local residents not. ,, He hung around a lot on the streets, '' says a neighbor a few doors down. ,, A strange chap: one time he said good bye to your friendly, other times he clutched up for a Peukie or eurootje. If you do not give, you could get the full blast, he scolded you rotten. The next day he was kindness itself again. When I heard the news that twice a confused man screaming at the scene of the murder was seen, I have thought about Biko. But he was able to kill? No, that's never occurred to me. ''

DNA traces
The Public Prosecutor (OM) says on the basis of three DNA traces at Mr. Biko to be true.

Under the nails Anita van Dijk, on her clothes and a bus deodorant which was found by her on the street, was found the man biological material. M. also was after the death of the newspaper girl twice, screaming, are seen at the memorial place at the Pasteur Singel.

Lawyer M. Bekkering assisting Mr. Biko, do not know to want to respond.

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