Cell location and demanded prohibition against tire spike

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The Prosecution has 16 months in prison, with 10 months suspended, claimed against the 20-year-old Quentin S. of 's-Gravenzande for puncture of about 300 bands in Westland. The OM demands that he gets probation for three years and that he should not come in Westland.


The public prosecutor finds a community service for the accused not enough.

"It's a paid job in the way to make money and damage refundable. The Prosecution wants in addition to a prison sentence also a location for Westland ban because Quentin has a deep hatred of the people of Westland and cautions may not violence.

"The suspect is calculating, going over corpses. He wants to commit other crimes for his own benefit, "the officer today.

The 3-year probationary period is based on the fear that Quentin again could go wrong.

Quentin poked up to 50 tires per night leak in the summer of 2015. His mother noticed that he went at night on the road. Those nights were consistent with the nights in which tires were punctured leak. That the police came to my attention, after an agent recognized the suspect, so today was told in the courtroom.

There were security cameras hung towards the house of the suspect. On May 6, the band stick was arrested this year.

'S-Graven Zander would have required his victims are reports that Naaldwijk festival week would be canceled, "because his pet had suffered from. Otherwise he would continue to leak stabbing the tires in Westland.

According to experts, the boy probably Asperger syndrome.

The 20-year-old Quintin S. silent today in all keys. He did it all during the interrogations by the police today, during the trial against him in The Hague, he holds back his jaw. On asking about the facts he is suspected, he indicated not wanting to respond.

Victims want to see a total of 20,000 euros Quentin S. as compensation for leak punctured tires. Quentin would anyone have urged also to stabbing tires leaks. Endangered friend S. demanding 12,750 euros intangible damages. "I live in fear, have lost work and friends."

'Slash', as Quentin is mentioned in messages to his victims, was arrested in May. He was allowed to await his trial in freedom on condition that he not Westland would come. He got an ankle and required supervision of the probation service. The boy, however, was back in June behind bars , because by the prosecution was suspected of having urged to puncture tires puncture someone else.

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