Father of 18 children governing sexual offense

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The 48-year-old Henk K. Bunschoten, father of a family with eighteen children, sitting on suspicion of sexual offenses and domestic violence.


The man was arrested last week Tuesday. There was registered against Bunschoterstraat from domestic sphere, namely that late justice.

The police K. home long studied . It is also used search dogs. None of the eighteen children still live at home. K. is in the village known as Henk de joiner for his work in construction.

The family man has several collisions behind the police, child welfare, the Child Protection Board and the Labour about the schooling and education of his children.

He loved his children from school and they gave schooling. K. was sentenced by the court in the past to a penalty because he had evaded compulsory education. He then refused to yield to the judgment of the court.

According to him, he gave schooling because no secondary school in Spakenburg joined his deeply religious insights. He was then already reprimanded by an official of the municipality. ,, It's a question of principle which I will not retreat, '' the father said at the time.

In 2010 K. refused to ask his son for medical treatment, after they had suffered severe burns in an accident with a motorcycle. The father treated his son himself with Boegem Balm, which led to a miraculous healing fast. He hit opinions of the Youth Care Agency - which he already had the stick - in the wind.

The K. family was also attacked in the past by loiterers from the village of K. home pelted with eggs and gravel.

The nature of the allegations against Henk K. justice can at this stage of the investigation has not saying much. ,, They are generally in terms of morals and violence, '' said a spokeswoman for the public prosecutor.

K. Friday brought before the magistrate and continues until next Thursday in custody. Then follows a seat for the closed session of the court on his case. ,, In addition to the defendant, must still be heard many potential witnesses, '' let justice know.

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