US-Russia relationship falls to zero

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The new Cold War between the United States and Russia is a bit closer: Moscow has denounced an important nuclear agreement.


On the big chessboard where Russians and Americans play a bad-tempered game of geopolitics, is an important move made: the Russians have a stripe down by the sixteen year old "plutonium chord.

Containing both nuclear powers agreed each 34 tons of highly radioactive plutonium unusable for military purposes. Had it a welcome stop destruction program that targeted the world just to make a little safer.

In addition, it was implementing the agreement very important to avoid for example, that hazardous material in the hands would come from terrorist organizations.

The agreement was a long-term insurance against the development of nuclear arsenals. Ko Colijn, specialist in international relations, is not surprised by the Russian move.

Russians and Americans accuse each other for a while - and at increasingly higher tone - the "strategic stability" to threaten the world. The relations are soured over Ukraine, Syria and the continued NATO expansion to former Warsaw Pact Territory.

James Collins of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace says the first is that the Russians withdraw a specific nuclear agreement. ,, This is indicative of the deteriorating relationship, "said Collins. One of the fixed elements of the US policy on Russia Moscow is constantly accused of failure to fulfill all kinds of agreements, says Colijn. ,, And Putin in turn is also very consistent and says "it's exactly the other way, you do not know '."

The New York Times reported that it was US President Obama the American part of the extermination program suspended this year, because it would be simply too expensive. Instead of destroying plutonium dangerous stuff is stored in the New Mexico desert. A present for Putin, who can now say that the Americans do not respect the agreements.

Colijn called the bickering "extra painful 'for Barack Obama. After all, began his tenure with beautiful ambitions to stop the nuclear arms race, but is now back to square one.

Colijn: ,, Consider also the Nuclear Security Summit in 2014. The Hague was to make flat. Obama was here. You can say that disarmament process now definitely failed. Obama will be very worry that nothing has arrived. He had to finish in Washington festive with what his last Nuclear Security Summit should have been where the total elimination of all nuclear radioactive waste was to be celebrated. When the Russians have been canceled. Putin has not appeared. This failure has already announced. That's a huge diplomatic setback for both Obama and Hillary Clinton, who was foreign minister when the plutonium agreement was formally signed in 2010. "

Colijn think canceling the treaty suits the Russians because it costs them a lot of money to clean up 34 tons of plutonium.

Oil price
,, So much that the Americans have a few hundred million settled. In spite of all the stories, the Russians have really struggled to get around their defense budget. This is due to the low oil prices. By thus terminate the agreement so they can save a lot of money. It also plays a role. ''

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