Collecting plastic for recycling does not working

Gepubliceerd op 5 oktober 2016 om 09:14

Plastic Heroes project, in which citizens will be asked to provide separate plastic containers for recycling, barely works.

Naamloos-3498.pngIn 2013 was 50 kilotons of plastic packaging used again, a total quantity of at least 268 kilotonnes. That's only 19 percent, writes Recycling Network, a coalition of environmental and conservation organizations, to the House.

Despite all the washing and sorting activities are only a limited portion of the remaining plastic waste recycled. even most of the output of the sorting plant show unmarketable and deposited money to for 'useful applications or stored. In 2013 was finally cramped 24 kt processed into recycled material that could replace new plastic products.

Why is there little is recycled to the poor quality of the plastic. Recycling Network sees a solution in expanding the deposit system. Small plastic soda bottles would now also have to make a deposit on.

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