Dutchman three months in prison to sacrilege in Myanmar

Gepubliceerd op 6 oktober 2016 om 14:23

The Dutchman Klaas H. gets three months in prison in Myanmar for sacrilege. Reported that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He also received a fine of $ 105, which has already been paid.

Naamloos2-720.pngIt is not yet clear whether he will appeal his sentence. The thirteen days he has already been detained, union of three months in prison off.

The 30-year-old man pulled the plug on an amplifier used in a Buddhist ritual. He said he did so because he could not sleep because of the noise. He walked into the building where the noise came from inside his shoes, something that is prohibited in the Buddhist faith.

He stated at a previous meeting that he was very sorry and that he did not realize that he had entered a prayer.

The NOS Editors: Photo: Reuters

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